We execute complex technical SEO services adapted to every business

At topflight we specialise in SEO, making our technical SEO services some of the best in the business.


We use on-site optimisation to ensure that your website is both user-friendly and optimised for search engines, maximising your organic visibility on Google.


Our technical SEO services can also be used to help your business to successfully complete complex processes like site migrations or dealing with Google penalties.


Complicated processes carried out safely

Domain migrations, Google penalty removals, and mobile optimisations can be complicated processes that require a high level of skill to be successful. If your website requires any technical changes, our team of specialists can ensure the process is completed safely, without any negative impact to your website or where it ranks on Google.


Find out more about the range of technical SEO services we offer below:

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Website Speed Optimisation

In 2016, a study found that 53% of mobile website visitors left a website if it didn’t load within three seconds. We can improve your page load speed by optimising images and other resources.

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Indexation Issues and Crawl Budget

Search engines use robots to crawl websites and identify what the content on their pages is about. Sometimes, if content is not optimised correctly, the bots cannot read it. We can identify and correct any indexability issues that may be preventing your content being read by robots.

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Robots.txt and Sitemap Optimisation

Both the robots.txt and the sitemap.xml are tools designed to simplify the crawling process for search engines, but they need to be handled carefully. A small mistake might prevent robots from crawling relevant parts of your site.

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International SEO

If you're running a multilingual website, then you should be implementing an international SEO strategy. We offer international SEO services that focus on areas like correct implementation of language tags or geo-targeting.

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Duplicate Content

If you have the same content (text, images, elements) on multiple pages of your site it can confuse search engines and cause problems with how your pages rank. We can fix duplicate content problems using canonical tags.


Strengthening Website Security

If you want to rank high on the SERPs, then your website must be secure. We can help to secure your website, including implementing HTTPS and keeping it safe from hackers.


Safe and efficient technical SEO services

Search engine optimisation is the most complex area of digital marketing as it involves such a broad range of activities and processes, from web optimisation to link-building.


Ideally, all SEO processes should be completed by specialists, but this is especially important when it comes to technical SEO which requires a high level of knowledge and skill. We’ve seen several websites ruined because technical processes have been carried out incorrectly by inexperienced people. This can result in years of work being wiped out and the website completely disappearing from Google’s search results.


At topflight, we are a team of technical SEO specialists and, most importantly, we follow safe and efficient processes to make sure your website remains spotless after a website migration, international segmentation, or other technical amendment.


Key areas our technical SEO services cover:

Brand-new websites

Launching a new website can represent a huge benefit for your business, but is also one of the greatest risks in Technical SEO. We’ve helped many businesses through technical processes ensuring that they took their traffic with them when they migrated to a new website.

JavaScript applications

JavaScript lets you add different behaviours to the web page where the page responds to actions without loading a new page to request processing. It enables the website to interact with visitors and execute complex actions. However, some JavaScript techniques cause major problems even for Google, which prevent them finding and indexing your content.

example of technical SEO work using JS

Website migrations

Site migrations are common but complex processes that require a careful planning in order to be successful. Whilst site migrations are common processes, they can still be extremely complex, and failure to plan carefully for one could have catastrophic results.

Penalty removals

If your site has been issued with a manual or algorithmic penalty by Google, it’s essential to conduct a thorough domain audit and recovery process to put your website back on top of search results.


Google penalties are really tough to revert but, using a well-designed strategy, almost any website can be recovered.


If you require help with technical SEO, get in touch today