Complete website analysis services

How healthy is your website?


Before your website can be optimised, you need to understand what condition it is in and identify all errors and issues that need to be fixed.


Our SEO website analysis service highlights issues that could be having a negative effect on your website’s performance and suggests the best ways to resolve them


Our three-step audit process

Our SEO audit service follows a three-step process covering every aspect of your website. At the end of the SEO audit, we report on the major and minor issues affecting your website’s performance and suggest the best solution for resolving each one.


Technical SEO Audit

To begin, we analyse all the technical aspects of a website, identifying problems like broken links, redirections, and Java/CSS errors.

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Content and Structure

Next, the audit reviews your website’s content and structure. Some common issues we highlight here include problems with meta-data, duplicate content, or title structure.

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UX & CRO Analysis

Finally, we look at how users interact with your website. This part of the audit reveals how user-friendly your website is and identifies any conversion issues.


Our SEO audit reports provide a complete overview of your website’s health

If you’re planning to start an SEO campaign, running a web audit is the perfect way to kick off the project. No matter what your business type, a web audit will provide you with key information about your website’s current condition and performance to help form the basis of your SEO campaign.

What will you get when you request a web audit?

  • A full report detailing the major and minor issues affecting your website’s performance, segmented by section (Technical SEO, Content & Structure and UX & Conversion).
  • A brief audit overview from Ahrefs (SEO tool). This will give you a numeric score, which is useful to benchmark your website health and compare it against future results.
  • Personalised guidance on how to resolve any issues identified. (We generally provide this during a 1-hour video conference).
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