Get more traffic to your online store using our e-commerce SEO services

The internet has revolutionised the way we discover businesses and buy products.


Large and established companies are now spending less on their physical stores and instead focusing on online selling to keep up with current market trends and cut costs. If you don’t yet have an online store that is optimised for Google, then you’re already losing revenue.


We can help you to get your online store in the spotlight.


Grow your business with our e-commerce SEO services

Setting up an online store is now simpler than ever, providing SMBs with new opportunities to sell their products without the complexities of having a physical store. However, competition within every industry is fierce, and if your website doesn’t feature high up in Google’s search results it can make it difficult to succeed.


Our e-commerce SEO services will help your online store gain more visibility on search engines in three simple steps:

Technical SEO for E-commerce

First, we will optimise all the technical aspects of your online shop. Online stores involve a large volume of URLs, complex JavaScript requests, and many more technical challenges that will need to be optimised for search by our team of specialists.

Product and Category Page Optimisation

Structuring and organising the products in your online store makes the user journey smooth and easy. We can determine the best structure for your page categories and product listings to improve user navigation.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Whilst improving your traffic and visibility is the main objective for almost every SEO campaign, turning that traffic into sales is just as important. Our e-commerce CRO services will optimise your website’s sales funnels to improve the conversion rate per visitor.

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Why SEO is so important for your e-commerce website?

Today’s saturated online market makes it difficult to not only reach your target audience, but also convince them that your products are better than the ones your competitors are selling.

A well-executed e-commerce SEO strategy will help you to reach a relevant audience with a well-structured online store, so your conversion rates will increase as quickly as your revenue.

Here are the top three key reasons why our customers choose to invest in SEO for their online stores:

More visibility and traffic

Once we have completed your e-commerce SEO campaign, your online store will be completely optimised. This will increase the amount of traffic your website receives and provide your business with more opportunities to make money.

Sales funnel optimisation

As well as driving traffic to your website, we will help you to turn that traffic into sales. The ultimate objective of our e-commerce SEO services is “convincing” website visitors to buy your products.


We do this by analysing why users are leaving the site without converting and helping you to make changes to your store to optimise your sales funnels.

Improve reputation

One key benefit of SEO that tends to be overlooked is how it can improve your brand’s reputation. Every time someone visits your website, they have an experience that helps shape their opinion of your business.


If your online store is well-structured and user-friendly, then you have a better chance of earning a good reputation and winning repeat business.


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