Digital PR services: designed to boost your website’s authority and ranking

Link building and digital PR are types of off-page optimisation, designed to increase brand awareness online and give your website more authority.


Authority is still one of the most important factors Google uses to rank websites. The more relevant links pointing to your website that exist online, the more authority Google believes your website has, and the higher it will rank it for relevant search terms.


Our off-page SEO services use strategies like digital PR and link building to increase your website’s authority and your brand’s presence online. This will help to organically boost your website’s position on Google.


Improve your authority, reputation, and rankings

Off-page optimisation strategies can vary in scale and complexity depending on the quality of the links, the relevance of the sources linking to you, and the structure of the project.


At topflight, we follow 3 simple standards: quality, relevance, and value.


Quality Links

Quality is more important than quantity. This has always been key for every link-building strategy. All our links will come from reputable sources.

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We ensure that at least 90% of all the external links we generate come from similar websites or blogs.

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Added Value

After the off-page optimisation campaign is complete, your website will start receiving referred traffic from the links we have generated. This will increase your website’s authority and visibility on Google as well as generating leads. Win-win


Understanding our link building process

Link building is crucial to all SEO campaigns. Our team will help you to define your business objectives, identify websites and content to target, and develop a personalised link building strategy. This will help to drive more traffic to your website and boost its visibility in search results. This is the process we follow:

Backlink Audit

To design an off-page link building project, we begin by auditing your link profile and identifying your competitors’ strongest referrals.

Defining the Profile

Once we’ve identified your external links and analysed your competitors, we design your ideal link profile and identify the most beneficial links for each web page.

PR Development

Our Digital PR team will now start contacting the websites and blogs identified to generate leads. The links generated at this stage could come from interviews, expert advice, press releases or similar outreach techniques.

Generation and Indexing

After completing the new link profile, your website is ready to start receiving traffic and authority from its new connections. We keep track of the results until the project is handed over to you.


Get more brand exposure online with our digital PR services

Our digital PR strategies aim to increase brand awareness and media exposure online, here’s how we do it:

Media coverage

Media coverage is at the core of an effective PR strategy. We’ve developed a good relationship with journalists to help brands gain exposure in national and top-tier news coverage.

Product PR

Product PR is designed to promote and enhance the visibility of e-commerce brands and their products. We use specific strategies to put brand-new products in front of potential buyers.

Local PR

If you’re a local business, we can design localised PR campaigns to boost your regional exposure.

International PR

As an international agency, we've worked for clients based in several different countries and are experienced at helping businesses to gain international exposure.

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Some of our Digital PR wins:


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